Sprint Getting BlackBerry Curve 3G September 26

The new BlackBerry Curve 3G was announced for Verizon Wireless yesterday, and will find its way to Sprint on September 26. The new Curve 3G offers plenty of incentive to upgrade from earlier Curve models in the form of a promised BlackBerry OS 6 update that has already seen some leaks online. The big question is, Curve 3G for less than $50 from the carriers or go for the big boy and get the new Torch 9800 for a mere $100 on Amazon.com? That new Bold 9780 will be here by the end of November as well.

There are actually two Curve 3G models. The GSM version that has shown up on T-Mobile and the CDMA version that Verizon and Sprint have. The GSM version of the Curve 3G is dubbed the 9300, while the CDMA version is called the 9330. Besides just the different cellular network chipsets that the two models have, there is another big difference. The 9330 that Sprint and Verizon get has double the RAM as the 9300. Oh, and double the storage as well.

Interestingly enough, only the 9330 model has seen a leaked version of BlackBerry OS 6. What’s up with that? Since BB OS 6 has a slew of new features over the older version 5, it actually is a decent selling point for Verizon and Sprint. No longer are BlackBerrys limited to the dreadful browser that OS 5 came with. Version 6 packs a Webkit browser. That’s the same technology powering both Apple’s Safari Mobile on its iOS devices and the browser in Google’s Android OS. Bottom line, it just works a lot better than anything Research In Motion (RIM) has shipped before. So far though, only the Torch 9800 has gotten an official release of OS 6. It looks like Curve 3G owners might get OS 6 before Bold 9700 owners see it.

Are you interested in the getting a Curve 3G from Sprint? I know, still no 4G network abilities. But hey, no BlackBerry right now has 4G. Neither does any iPhone. Android is currently winning the 4G as of this moment, but only because so many manufacturers are using the operating system. Hopefully those rumors of the BlackBerry Storm 3 getting 4G are true. But alas, no official confirmation on the Storm 3 or a release date have been released.

Let me know what you think.

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