Sprint and At&t Bound Galaxy S4 Mini Show Off for the Camera


The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini is set to receive a super pink make over? Remember the Samsung Galaxy S4? The Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched back in March and received its Mini make over shortly their after. Unfortunately, the GS4 flagship proved to be a bit underwhelming as the handset was mostly a re-issuing of the previous generation Galaxy S3. Since its inception the S4 has made its rounds across the globe with the GS4 Mini pulling up the rear. In an attempt to perpetuate sales Samsung launched a handful of color options for the S4 across a few different carriers. The Aurora red GS4 launched with At&t, while a purple and brown Galaxy S4 also found its way onto Verizon, At&t and Sprint shelves. Today details of Samsung’s plans to colorize the Galaxy S4 Mini have surfaced to the top of the interwebs.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini was announced back in May and released across the world shortly their after. The device took all that was loved in the larger S4 and shrunk it down from a 5 inch screen to 4.3 inches.  Internally the S4 Mini held its own with a dual core 1.7 GHz processor and all the trimmings to make it run smooth as a whistle. Rumors surrounding the S4 Mini schedule the device to launch within the borders of the US with At&t and today’s new details also suggest a Sprint variation is also on the way. According to the new rumors At&t will get a bright pink version of the device while Sprint will stock the traditional black and white variations. Currently the Galaxy S3 mini is selling for about one dollar with a new contract and is expected to be priced around $100 bucks with the same terms. While no release information has surfaced it is expected that the two carriers will see the handset launch in the next few months! Anyone interested?

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