Sprints 4G seen in San Francisco

Ahh 4G… “Ludicrous Speed…GO” ok a little Spaceballs reference for you early this Tuesday evening. Just recently some San Franciscans have noticed they have 4G service and they are headed into plaid with their mobile browsing speeds. Oh Sprint how much longer you will make us all wait? Around the states reports of 4G speeds have shown up, a lot of these locations have not been officially launched. IntoMobile has noticed the next generation technology lighting up there Sprint devices in the San Francisco area.

Recently we have noticed the 4G speeds in the LA area as well; however it is clearly obvious the company is testing the network as speed and consistency vary quite heavily. But it seems that Sprint is ‘testing’ there WiMax technology in Bay area as well. Engadget caught wind of the 4G as well and benchmarked the networks speeds, stating they are seeing download speeds between 5 and 7 Mbps and upload speeds of 1.2 Mbps and that being indoors.

When fully launched Sprint 4G users can expect average speeds of 6 to 8 Mbps via a download and speed bursts will be able to max out at about 12Mbps. So the wait continues, but information like this just proves that Sprint is indeed working on the network and is surely planning full roll outs in the near future.

Are you in the San Francisco area? What type of speeds are you seeing on your 4G compatible device?

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