Sprint turns on 4G in the greater Los Angeles Area

The day has come ladies and gentlemen residing in the greater Los Angeles area. Sprint customers with a 4G enabled phone – HTC EVO – hit the 4G button in your settings and start scanning for the goodness of 4g from Sprint. But keep in mind it’s not official and is surely still being optimized. But it is indeed good to know that Sprint has turned on 4G in the LA area.

Sprints 4G service is the topic of much interest lately. Slowly Sprint has been launching full 4G service in some smaller areas around the country and is expanding at a steady pace. But those of us in the larger metropolitan areas are wondering, why Sprint, why haven’t you launched your amazing 4G service in the likes of NYC or LA? Well it’s simple really, the areas have more users and more planning and testing needs to occur in these larger areas, before official launches. Now I don’t know that for sure, however, logic and I go way back.

Earlier this week I got a text from a EVO toting co worker and all it said was “yo turn your 4G on”. Remembering my super fast 4G experience in Las Vegas a few weeks back I was truly excited to use the service at my leisure and in my hast I ran to my phone and began scanning for 4G. At first I was excited to see the “4G Network is Available” text scrolled across the top of my device. Unfortunately after the connection was made I was only able to pick up one lousy bar of 4G, and truly one bar of un-official 4G is not any faster than 3G.

I’m located in Glendale Ca, a good city just outside of Los Angeles County. At one point I was able to pick up 3 bars of 4G, however, the browsing experience did not change. The loading times were still extremely slow and were not worth the time of day. However, my co-worker is in the Silver lake area – this is a bit closer to downtown Los Angeles and right up the block from Hollywood – has told me his “bars” would only get to around 2 in the Silver Lake area, but when he went to the gym in Hollywood he was sporting 3 bars and they would not drop. He then went on telling me his browsing experience was not the same as mine, saying his connection was lightning fast (laughing at me the whole time).

We are both now in the WirelessGround warehouse and cannot pick up the 4G connection and would have to travel a few miles in one direction or the other to get the signal back. But it’s good to know that 4G is starting to make its way into the LA area.

If you are running 4G in the LA area let us know how well its running and likes.

*Update: Tested Speeds Via the FCC ookla app.

Results Varied

The Highest Down I have seen is 6.60 Mbps (6757 Kbps) and .97 Mbps (996 Kbps)  Up

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