Sprint adds $10 to their 3G data plans

Sprint is the nation’s third largest carrier and does a heck of a good job keeping their customers happy. However with the world’s mobile data consumption growing at exponential rates it seems that Sprint…well has to do something to keep the dollars coming in and just might anger some of those happy customers by doing it. Sprint’s CEO Dan Hesse has gone on record numerous times stating that Sprint will not be creating “tiers” within their unlimited plans as their competitors Verizon and At&t have done. Taking this angle with their “Simply Everything” unlimited plans has indeed paid off for the company, or we assume. Sprints unlimited plans are truly some of the best carrier plans one can get in the US, outside of pre-paid plans.  But does an additional 10 dollars change all that?

Sprint has announced today that they will be implementing an extra monthly fee of $10 for “premium data”. This is essentially the same $10 bucks that Epic and Evo users have been paying for their 4G connectivity. If you are an Epic or Evo user, no worries you bill should not change. But if you are thinking about joining Sprint in the near future or your contract is coming up on renewal you should indeed expect this premium added to your bill when using an Everything data plan.

So reading this as a loyal Sprint customer I can’t help but ask why. However, logically the answer is simple and a little easier to explain then the amazing spin that Sprint put on this new charge in their “Smartphones Drive Wireless Data Explosion” press release. Simply put, the additional 10 dollars is to avoid tiered data plans that its competitors have been implementing, thus still offering up truly unlimited data. Adding an additional $10 for sprint unlimited data still will give you the best bang for your buck within the carrier wars.

Are you a Sprint customer? Do you feel that this $10 charge is not cool? Better scoop up a 4G device to make it worth it.

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