Legal Sports Gambling Comes to BlackBerry: But Only in Nevada

Fans of sports gambling are finally able to get their fix via a new BlackBerry app. The catch? It only works in Nevada (where sports betting is legal) and uses GPS and cellular triangulation to make sure you don’t try to play from anywhere else.

Created by a subsidiary of American Wagering, Inc.–Leroy’s Sportsbooks–the app is free to download. Windows Mobile, iPhone and Android versions are expected to be released later this year as well. Right now, it is only working on AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile’s wireless networks but hopefully Verizon gets on board with this too.

To activate an account with the app, users are required to stop in once in person at a Leroy’s Sportsbooks location (they are all over Nevada) to verify their identify, etc.

Even if you are not a fan of sports gambling, or gambling in general, it is interesting how every industry is trying to push their way into mobile apps now. With even the US Government churning out apps now, industries that have historically stayed away from high tech are finding themselves developing apps before they lose out on one of the fastest growing commerce systems in the world. No, not the internet, the smartphone app/internet system. These are two distinct but still overlapping commerce and information systems.

Personally, I really like it. Apps are bringing more functionality and ease of use to the palms of our hands than the internet has in the past. While I am sure some companies are going to go bust with apps, plenty more will have stunning successes and create entire new fields of industry with them. If you are in Nevada and like to bet on sports, then go ahead and grab a copy of this new app. Otherwise, you are out of luck.

Let me know what you think of gambling coming to smartphones.

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