Specs for new HTC Spark, Bee and Lexikon get some exposure

The leaks are rolling in as of lately. We have seen some pretty impressive HTC and Samsung leaks in the past few days, and it looks like the world got some more juicy details of some un-announced devices from HTC.

Recently there have been some spec leaks surrounding three new HTC phones. BGR has reported some details of some new unseen HTC phones, the information comes from a blog site named 911Sniper and gives the skinny on some new phones. The three devices that are mentioned on the site are the Spark which is a WP7 phone, the Bee and the Lexikon which are both Android 2.2 devices. Let’s take a look at the specs phone by phone.

The HTC Spark is said to be running WP7 as the operating system, has a 1GHz processor, 512 RAM, 512 ROM, a 3.7 inch screen, a 1350 mAh battery pack, a 480×800 resolution, a 5MP camera, it has 6 physical buttons a back key, a home key, start key, volume control, reset button, send key, and an power on off button. The Spark also has a proximity sensor, a G-Sensor and a Light sensor. And that’s all that can be said about the information pulled from this site. Sounds good for a new WP7 device, don’t you think?


The HTC Bee is running Androids OS version 2.2 and has a 528 Mhz processor, HTC Sense version 1.6, a 1300 mAh battery, a 5MP camera with flash, 512 ROM, a 240×320 resolution on a 3.2 inch screen and a 2GB SD card. Sounds like a mid to entry level Android phone.

And lastly





The HTC Lexikon is running Andorids OS version 2.2 and a processer that runs at 800 Mhz, a 3.8 inch screen with a 480×800 resolution, a 5MP camera, HTC Sense version 1.6, 4GB of internal storage and a QWERTY keypad. Again sounds like another mid level Android Smartphone.

There are indeed a few things to keep in mind here. Mainly this is a rumor at this point and all of this information could clearly be in some regards wrong, or completely false. There are no pictures and or video to show off any of these devices the only thing to go off are the small lists that were found on the site. So with a grain of salt this should be read!

Take it for what it’s worth, but if these are real devices do any of them spark your interest?

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