The Water Proof Sony Xperia ZR


Sony announces the water proof Xperia ZR. A lot of companies in recent memory have attempted to water proof their smart phones. When looking into the past we find devices like the Kyocera Torque, the Sony Ericsson Active, and countless others. Smart phones as we all know are expensive, and water or any liquid for that matter is kryptonite to our super phones. But if Sony has their way, new generations of smart phones will play rather nicely with our liquid friends. Sony has taken the veil off their latest smart phone, the Xperia ZR. This new device is not only capable of keeping you connected, but it can do so submerged in up to almost 5 feet.

Sony has taken a stab at water proofed devices in the past, and the Xperia ZR is here to raise the stakes just a bit more. The Xperia ZR comes into this world with the IP58 certification which is “the highest level of water resistance”. With this claim to fame the ZR will allow its users to keep the device submerged in up to 1.5 meters of fresh water for up to 30 minutes. With that said the phone is fully functional in water and will allow for video recording, picture taking and just good old smart phone stuff. The device, as you can see in the picture above will be offered in mint, pink, black or white and will become available to selection markets before the end of next month. Unfortunately, pricing on the handset has yet to be announced. But what can we expect phone wise? Well, the Xperia ZR will run with the like of Android version 4.1 is built around a 10.4mm thin slate styled body. The screen on the ZR will measure in at 4.5 inches and come packing a 720×1280 pixel resolution at 323 pixels per inch. Internally the ZR comes with a quad core 1.5 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, 8 GB of built in storage and expandable micro SD memory up to 32 GB. Around back we’ll find a 13 mega pixel camera that can record video in full 1080p HD while a 0.3 VGA quality shooter resides up front. Additional connectivity can be found in GPS, Bluetooth 4.0, Wi-Fi, Hotspot, micro USB, DLNA and NFC. Check out this promotional video for the Xperia ZR.

Anyone interested in a fully submergible smart phone? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new Sony Xperia ZR. Also, don’t forget that we offer up the best in Sony accessories anywhere.

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