The Sony Xperia ST21i Leaks Out and Shows of the Future of Sony’s Low End

Eleven years ago Sony and Ericsson went into business together to pump out some of the very best handsets and mobile technologies know to man. Fast forward to 2012 and Ericsson is no longer a part of Sony’s mobile branding. With a few Ericsson branded handsets that were waiting on their release get launched all we are left with is just Sony excellence. When reinventing yourself you will more than likely want to appease to both lower end markets as well as the higher end. Today a new leak of the Xperia ST21i shows off Sony’s push to the low end smart phone arena.

Just taking a gander at the photo of this new Sony handset will tell you the company is not interested the “super thin” trend for the mid range market. This chunky new device has been leaked into the wild and seems to fit well in the mid range niche. Over the weekend, got their hands on some leaky details and the picture you see here. But before you immediately dismiss the handset based on design alone, read through for its specs and additional details. Hey, you never know when you may need to recommend and smart phone. The new Xperia you see here is currently going by the code name of ST21i and has yet to be made official. The small LCD touch screen measures in at a mere 3.2 inches and will provide its users with a 480×320 pixel resolution. points out that the ST21i will not sport Sony’s Bravia Screen Engine as many of its higher end counter parts do. Internally the Xperia ST21i is said to run with a Qualcomm made 800 MHz chip set that is graphically backed by a Adreno 200 GPU. Delving a bit further the leaky information suggests the ST21i will come packing 512 MB of RAM. It is said to be running the likes of Android version 4.0.3 aka Ice Cream Sandwich and come packing a 1460 mAh battery. Around back we can expect a good old fashioned flash-less 3 mega pixel cameras that can record video in 640×480. With that, unfortunately there is nothing more to mention. The ST21i has not been officially announced, hinted at or even rumored up until this point so it may be a long ways off. But just for a minute, we can probably assume this handset will be super affordable.

Could the Xperia lineup be the Galaxy S that Sony needs to make a mobile comeback? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new unreleased unofficial handset from Sony. And remember, whether it’s Ericsson or just Sony, we have all the best Sony accessories you will ever need.

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