Sony Expected to Launch Affordable Xperia E2 in 2014


Sony set to release an ‘affordable’ Xperia E2 with 4G LTE connectivity sometime in 2014? You remember Sony right? Of course you do! How could one forget the awesomeness that is Xperia! Sony has been hard at work this year releasing a small handful of rather excellent Xperia devices. Most recently Sony launched the Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition into the Android devices market place. The Z Ultra is a rather large 6.3 high end smart phone/tablet that fits the bill when it comes to Sony’s Xperias. The lineup of Xperias has for the most part been in the high end range with a few exceptions including the Xperia E. New details of Sony’s plans in 2014 however are revealing the company may introduce a new variation of the E, appropriately named the E2.

Sony first introduced their Xperia E series handset way back in December of 2012 and it looks as if the device is due for a comeback. News of Sony’s Xperia E2 has surfaced to the headlines via Unwiredview.Com by way of EMSOne a Japanese based technology blog. According to the news, Sony is contracting Foxconn Taiwan to build 7 million entry level LTE devices which apparently come with a name Xperia E2. Unfortunately details on what can be expected from the Xeperia E2 are currently still under wraps. Speculation however could easily allow us to assume the E2 may not be that far off from what the XPeria E had to offer. We should be expecting a smaller device with a screen in the 3.5 to 4 inch range that houses small upgrades from the E. What could be expected as a given is the devices use of Android version 4.4 as Kitkat was designed to work on smaller less powerful hardware. Additionally the E2 will most likely also come with a dual SIM variant as the original E did.

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