Sony’s S2 Dual Screen Tablet Heads to Ma Bell’s 4th G

Tablets are slowly becoming the new trend. Something like the idea behind net books, the only difference is people actually want and are using tablets. Thank the iPad or whomever you’d like the tablet ear is upon us and just gearing up. But if you’re a large multimedia empire and your tablet is not on the market, well in a word you’re… slacking.  It looks as if the folks over at Sony have decided to make their table reign official with the announcement of the S2 dual screen foldable tablet. The S1 and S2 series tablets have been floating around the interwebs for the past few months and anyone who let the S2 catch their eye is surely interested in seeing more. Well, the time is upon us.

The S1 and S2 tablets made their official debut at a Sony press event back in April. The S1 sports a standard slate design and sports all kinds of bells and whistles, but today is the S2’s day. Official news of the S2 was announced today via a good ol’ fashioned press release. Sony will be pairing up with everyone’s favorite carrier At&t to make the dual screen toting S2 available to the general public. There is no official word as to when and or how much this dually will cost but initial estimates put the tablet at around $699. Sony also points or reiterates the S2 branding is simply a code name at this point and will most likely ship under a different name when the time comes. Hopefully it’s a really cool and catchy name. Anyone want to take a stab at what the official name will be? Details from this news is no more than just confirming carrier and the S2’s ability to use At&t’s HSPA+ or 4G.

The S2 as you can tell by the picture is a dual screen tab that is built on a hinge. This hinge as you would expect closes making the S2 a clam shell tablet by design. The S2 design pairs two 5.5 inch 1024 x 480 pixel displays a top of one and other in a unique foldable design. Currently tech specs are nil, however it is said the S2 will be running Android version 3.0 and will be powered by a dual core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. You can also expect the DLNA compatibility, a 3.5 mm output jack, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a camera presumably front facing as well as rear. While some of these small details are expected, they could be void entirely when launch day comes. Whenever that may be.

So what do you think of this new Sony S2 tablet? Interested in its dual screens? Does the At&t thing put you off? It will be interesting to see what the Sony S2 tablet is made of. Is it a form factor to lead the way into mobile computing? Sound off below and let us know what you make of the Sony S2 tab.

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