Why is Sony Taking Shots at the iPhone?

pic via iPhonematters.com

Have you seen Sony’s new PSP commercial? It takes some jabs at Apple’s iPhone. While you might wonder why Sony would even bother to compare its PSP (PlayStation Portable) to a smartphone, it kind of makes sense. After all, the Apple iTunes App Store has been churning out some pretty impressive games lately. But seriously Sony? If you’re this worried that the iPhone is going to kill your PSP sales then you need to seriously reconsider what you are selling.

The PSP is kind of long in the tooth and never has had the success that Nintendo’s GameBoy and Nintendo DS portable gaming systems have seen. While it certainly brought some cool features with it–like Wi-Fi, downloads and some MySpace capabilities–it is dated. Don’t get me wrong though, it works fine for games. However, the future of personal electronic devices lies with the smartphone.

Don’t believe me? How about that new game id Software is working on? The upcoming title Rage promises 60fps on the iPhone 4’s gorgeous screen and will “kill anything done on the Xbox or PlayStation 2.” If you recall, the PSP is only capable of running PlayStation 2-esque games at lower resolutions. The iPhone 4 is a much more powerful gaming machine than the dated PSP.

While I haven’t bothered to pay much attention to recent PlayStation commercials (is it just me or do they try to hard to be cool and hip?), the fact that Apple has started to worry such an established gaming company like Sony can only mean one thing. People are starting to see iOS devices as gaming machines too.

Hopefully Apple can regain some of its lost glory–I remember when companies used to actually make games for Macintosh and the PowerPC processor was all the rage–and enter the gaming sphere in force. Regardless of whether or not you like playing with a touchscreen and motion detection, you have to admit that the iPhone holds a lot of promise for gamers everywhere.

Think the iPhone is going to replace the portable gaming machine you usually lug around? Apple have some secret plans to challenge Nintendo and Sony on their home turf? Drop a comment and let me know.

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