The Sony MT27i ‘Pepper’ Is Rendered and Leaked


Now that Sony and their long time mobile partner Ericsson have parted way it seems that Sony’s new mobile division is not wasting any time to get their new handsets into the lime light. I mean, why wait right? As they begin to push out new phones the Sony branding sans the Ericsson name does seem a bit odd. As rumors surrounding their potential attempts at some WP7 phones in the future linger Sony is pumping out some excellence under the Android operating system and branding. What started in the rumor mill as the Sony Ericsson MT27i has turned into just the Sony MT27i codenamed ‘Pepper’.

The Pepper first started appearing in Mr. Blurrycam pics and hit rumor mill early this year. Like most devices that find themselves a bit exposed, the MT27i has been exposed a bit more…again. These new renderings have been leaked by the Japanses based Blog of Mobile website. Assumed to be the coming successor to the Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo the MT27i Pepper is surely enough to keep even the most discerning smart phone snob at bay. The press ready rendering found above is the latest in leaky details from the Xperia Pepper debacle and goes on to provide some unofficial specs. While the specs on this new device may be unofficial it may be safe to assume they are not far off at all. Outside of its smaller more mid-range sense of market, the Pepper does indeed pack in some power. Its screen measures in at a not to large not to small form factor of 3.7 inches. The touchy screen sports a FWVGA build that will allow a 480×854 pixel resolution. The screen is also noted as being a “floating” screen, with no details explaining its levitation magic it is very open to interpretation. Just not the David Blaine kind. Internally the Sony MT27i Pepper is set to run with the power of an un-named 1GHz dual core processor. Around back you’ll also get access to a 5 mega pixel camera. The MT27i is also said to pack in a rather small 1320mAh battery. The last detail surrounding this new handset is also pictured and no they are not screen wipes. The small circular tabs shown in the picture are to fall in line with the Pepper’s NFC capabilities, as they are Smart Tags. Smart Tags is Sony’s view on what elese NFC can do for us other than spend out hard earned bucks. Place a smart tag in your car swipe your Pepper by the marker to initiate your pre determined preferences. Quite excellent actually.

Looking forward to some new Sony devices? The MT27i Pepper in particular? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. Oh yea and by the way you can check out the very best in Sony accessories here.

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