The Sony Mobile Xperia Tipo and Tipo Dual Show Face

It has been a while since Sony and Ericsson parted, but every time I see the word Xperia and or just a new release from Sony Mobile I cannot help but think of the long lost Ericsson and what he would think…OK, sorry about that, just getting a bit teary eyed here as newly re-established Sony Mobile makes moves in this here mobile industry. Recently we got to see the Sony Xperia Go, which is a mid range smart phone with some water proofing features. Shortly before the Go, Sony took to the streets with the mildly anticipated Xperia U. You know that cool looking slate that has a clear divide and colored bottom caps. Well today Sony “leaked” out their unannounced Xperia tipo dual and Xperia tipo to their YouTube channel. But is the tipo for you? Well one thing is for sure; your pockets will like it!

Yesterday Sony Mobile took to the internet’s, essentially leaking a few of their new unannounced smart phones. The Xperia miro was exposed showing off its 5 mega pixel camera, 3.5 inch touch screen display and really cool contoured chin design. The Xperia miro has been deemed a socially friendly device but its cousin the Xperia tipo dual is more of a hands on world traveler. Now the Xperia tipo and Xperia tipo dual is essentially the same phone. However the tipo dual has dual SIM card capabilities, which make it the most interesting man in the world. With dual SIM functionality you one device can have two different services. The Xperia tipo is a small pocket friendly phone that has all the power you’d need. Assuming you’re not a data hunger power user of course. It starts with a 3.2 inch TFT touch screen that measures in at a 480×320 pixel resolution. Internally you should not be looking for rocket ship specs, as the tipo and tipo dual will run with a rather tame 800 MHz Snapdragon chipset. The Xperia tipo will carry with it 2.9 GB of internal storage and will give up 2.5 GB of that for user accessibility additionally, you can expand your saving capabilities with expandable micro SD up to 32 GB. Around back a 3.2 mega pixel camera is available for flash less pictures. Other details include Bluetooth, aGPS, a 3.5 mm headphone hack, and Wi-Fi and hotspot connectivity. So specs round off like a pretty good low end device, but the best part? It runs with Android 4.0 and weighs in at mere 3.5 ounces. Check out these videos from Sony.


So anyone interested? HTC recently went on the record saying they will be avoiding low end smart phones in the future. Can the Sony Mobile fill the void? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think. Oh and remember folks, all the best Sony and Sony Ericsson accessories in all of the worlds are here.


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