Sony Ericssons Xperia X10 makes it way to At&t, Vivaz soon to follow

If you have heard of this little company called Sony Ericsson, then you may have heard of their new excellent little Android powered Xperia X10. One of the models that helped the company recently record some decent profits is seemingly making its way stateside.


Sony Ericsson has been a global force for quite some time. Their new Xperia X10 has made its rounds via the internet and actually has found itself in the hands of some users, albeit international users. Second quarter findings for the company proved to yield net profits of about 15.6 million dollars. Within their report the company stated that the likes of the Xperia X10 and the Vivaz were the two models that kept Sony Ericsson a float for the quarter. With new developments out of At&t’s camp it looks like Sony Ericsson will continue to bank on at least the X10’s success and take a stab at the American market with the device. Recent news out of BGR.Com is stating that the X10 has finally made it out of At&t’s testing phase and has seemingly gotten the green light to run on their network. The report is claiming that the Xperia X10 should be available within the shelter of At&t within the “coming weeks”. The details of this report seem to go dry from there; however pricing should presumably be within the 150 to 200 hundred range as this is indeed the standard at this point. But don’t think Sony Ericsson stopped there, taking one cash cow to the Promised Land and not the other? That’s preposterous. BGR is also claiming that the Sony Ericsson Vivaz is also going through the At&t ringer and should be available as early as September.

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