Sony Ericsson’s Xperia Play ready to Launch in the UK on March 31st


Take a Playstation and make it portable and you win. Take a Playstaion portable and give it the capabilities of the leading smartphones, well your just about the champion and most definitely not in a Sheen kind of win. The Xperia Play started popping up all over the internet around October of last year. Since then the hype on what is commonly known as the Playstation phone has been growing. Leaked pictures, videos and even a few hands on experiences make this quite possibly the most sought after Sony Ericsson phone ever. Anyone interested in the Xperia Play, probably wanted it yesterday and the anticipation is killing them. Today a bit of information has surfaced surrounding the Xperia Play which insinuates XPlay is on its way!

The Playstation certified Xperia Play will launch in the UK on UK on March 31. The Xperia Play will come full equipped with 6 pre installed games, these title include Tetris, Star Battalion, Crash Bandicoot, Bruce Lee Dragon Warriors, Fifa 10 and The Sims 3. There will also be an additional 50 titles available through Playstation’s online store. Currently you can find the new Xperia Play up for pre order with many of the UK’s retail sources. What is the cost of the Xperia Play? Well un-subsidized will run you about £500 which translates into about eight hundred bucks. Under a new contract we can expect to see the price of the Xperia Play very competitive. Sony Ericsson is citing one of the largest marketing campaigns they have had in the United Kingdom and expect the Xperia Play to be available on every carrier, which is indeed uncommon in this world of ‘exclusives’. Eventually we can expect the Xperia Play to be found in good ol’ game stores. Sony Ericsson’s marketing director for the UK told MCV that “We are currently still in commercial conversation, but I’d be surprised if we didn’t see Xperia Play appear in other channels,” In other words, expect to see the Xperia Play everywhere if you live in the UK.

Good to see great ideas come into fruition. While I don’t see putting my EVO down for an Xperia Play anytime soon the concept behind the device is surely something I’m interested in. So it’s only a matter of time before we can see the Xperia Play in the states, but will it be readily available to all carriers? I would highly doubt it. But he you never know. So here’s to the first true Playstation phone, the future of gaming is will soon be reborn. Are you a hardcore or casual gamer interested in the Xperia Play? Let us know your thoughts below in the comments.

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