Sony Ericsson’s Xperia 10 gets official via At&t

Just recently we let you guys know that Sony Eircsson’s baby the Xperia 10 was being put through the hoops of fire via At&t’s development team. The device went through the rounds to become the next best thing to hit At&t’s shelves and now comes to fruition and gets official.

Rumors of Sony Ericsson’s flagship Xperia 10 coming to an At&t store near you has been circulating since well, forever…actually it has been a rumor since as far back as November of 09. But It looks as if Sony Ericsson’s baby is officially coming into its own on At&t’s network. The Xperia 10 is one of the two models that Sony Ericsson has claimed to help them along in Q2 of this year, the Xperia 10 is a very good selling phone worldwide, but how wills it fair in the US. Over the weekend Sony Ericsson teased the industry with a countdown clock on their website to proclaiming “Smarter is coming”. The information surrounding the teaser page was surely exposed in multiple ways leading everyone interested to believe that what was pictured was indeed an Xperia X10. Information released today, deems this indeed an Xperia 10. The Xperia 10 will be made available to At&t customers on August 15th and will run you about 150 bucks with your signature on two years with the company. However Sony Style is posting the unit for around 130 bucks, and Engadget is claiming that the unit will be made available for about 50 bucks a week or so after its release date. But the specs is what you really want to know right, well they sound great up until the last one. The Xperia gets an August 15th release, sports a 4 inch touch screen, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, an 8.1 MP camera with LED,  8GB of internal memory, GPS, and a 2 GB external memory card pre installed that also includes some Sony Ericsson apps. The bad news? Well the Xperia 10 has been confirmed to be running Android operating system version 1.6. All that goodness tossed right out the window. But for the record you can pre order your Xperia right now at Sony Style. Go check it out.

So it looks like At&t is getting a new Android, are you interested?

Is At&t bulking up their phone line up, in order to get ready to finally share the iPhone love?

Let us know what you think of the new Sony Ericsson Xperia.

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