Sony Ericsson’s LiveView brings Android to your wrist

Ever since I could remember I wanted a telephone watch. Unfortunately when technology expanded far enough and the idea was possible, it was either way to ugly – as far as watches are concerned – or it was simply not as accessible to the excessively broke. Recently we have seen the advent of smart phone “buddies” that can be worn on the wrist and usually connect via Bluetooth and it looks like we have another contender into the ring via the Sony Ericsson LiveView.

Sony Ericsson announced today their new LiveView smart “watch”. LiveView is a 1.3 OLED that is attached to a watch strap and connects to your Android device via Bluetooth. The new LIveView device will give Android users the ability to view missed calls, texts, get Facebook and Twitter updates etc. The LiveView device is set to release in the coming months, slated for a Q4 release. The LiveView device is not a touchscreen, so don’t get your hopes up. It is essentially a simple accessory, the device has a standardized clip built on the back and has the ability to be clipped nearly anywhere. Additional accessories for the LiveView include a “wrist” strap which basically makes the device a watch. Ironically enough the device requires Android version 2.0 or higher, this is a fun pile to poke at considering Sony Ericssons lack thereof in the update world. Guess its good news in the long run as their Xperia users are desperately seeking these updates.  In regard to applications being “made” for this device, well some apps will need to be rewritten for this accessory to function properly, however, the company will be setting forth an app of their own that will scan the market place to show users which apps are compatible with the LiveView Device.

So check out the brief video below from Sony Ericsson and tell us what you think of the new LiveView device.

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