Sony Ericsson’s ‘Hallon’ MT15i Spotted in a Picture

Is that Android Gingerbread running on there or a custom UI?

Besides the PlayStation Phone it is working on, smartphone manufacturer Sony Ericsson has a number of other Android powered devices in the works. Cue the MT15i (codenamed ‘Hallon’). While MT15i certainly won’t be its release name, Xperia something or other isn’t out of the question. What really makes these pictures interesting is that they were supposedly taken on another yet unreleased phone from Sony Ericsson—the Anzu.

So what will be found inside of the Sony Ericsson Hallon? That’s unclear at the moment but from the pictures you can see that it does indeed have a front facing camera for video calling. Since the Anzu (also known as the Xperia X12) has the codename LT15i, I’m thinking that they will be basically two sides of the same coin—one CDMA and one GSM. (That or just a slightly different spec’d version.) The good news however, is that the Hallon model is supposedly running Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’. That would a huge step up from the Android 2.1 ‘Éclair’ version that has been seen on the Anzu so far.

Specs of the Xperia ‘Anzu’ (and possibly the MT15i ‘Hallon’):

  • 4.3” touchscreen
  • 800 MHz processor (MSM7230)
  • 12 megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording abilities
  • Front facing camera for video calling

I know, it’s not much to go on. At least the 800 MHz MSM7230 processor is actually faster than the 1 GHz Snapdragon in the Xperia X10 according to PocketNow. The real questions are ones that cannot be answered until after some retail ready units hit reviewers’ hands. Will Android Gingerbread ship on it or will users have to upgrade later? Does anyone actually want a smartphone built by Sony Ericsson? (That might be the biggest question.) Will the phone be overshadowed by Samsung, HTC and Motorola’s dual-core offerings coming out soon?

Let me know if you’re interested in Sony Ericsson’s Xperia series. The Anzu catch your eye? Wondering what this Hallon MT15i is all about?

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