Sony Ericsson stakes its claim in the Android world


From time to time you will catch a glimpse of a already established company –mega company – shooting for the sky and you most likely catch yourself thinking, “. Take for example Samsungs recent statement that they will take over some 10% of the smart phone market by the end of the year, or LG’s similar statement that they will pump out 10 new smart phones before the year end. LG and Samsungs goals are fine tuned in comparison to Sony Ericsson’s new “endeavor”, its completely possible.

Sony Ericsson went on record recently and stated that want to be the world’s largest Android phone manufacturer. The CEO of Sony Ericsson, Bert Nordberg stated this at a briefing in Beijing today. While there was no time frame and or competitor mentioned for this new endeavor it may look like Sony Ericsson may have its work cut out for them. Sony Ericsson claims to have around 17% of the Android market now, this may be hard to believe considering how much you hate the Xpeira and Viviaz line up, but the models have been known to save the company a quarter or two based on stellar sales abroad.  But in order for Sony Ericsson to take this top rank they would need to smash their way through the ranks of Motorola, HTC and Samsung. Some stiff competition huh. Numbers aside taking a look at the likes of Motorola and there widely popular Droid line up, which by the way is attached seemingly by the umbilical cord to the largest carrier in the states, they are just one –very large – company that is in the way of Sony at least stateside. Or take HTC who is simply pumping out the likes of the EVO or Incredible, even Samsung has started their journey to a large percentage of Android users.

 Your work is surely cut out for you Sony but keep on trucking as I have no doubt you can accomplish this goal. How you ask? Not focusing on American customers, simply put.

Think Sony Ericsson can do it?

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