Sony Ericsson’s Xperia ‘ANZU’ Smartphone Gets a Picture


Sony Ericsson has been regulated to nearly a bystander role in the smartphone game but the company plans to change all that with their follow up to the Xperia X10—the Xperia ‘ANZU’. An anonymous source sent in what they claim is a picture of the next Xperia to the XperiaX10 blog and while the picture looks legit, it cannot be confirmed. Don’t worry; I’ve got more details besides the picture after the break.

The coming Sony Ericsson Xperia ANZU (X12) will feature a 4.3” touchscreen display. While the RAM and processor specs are not yet know, the ANZU will have both front and rear facing cameras. The video camera in the back will be capable of 1080p HD video recording and the smartphone will also have an HDMI output. Pretty sweet huh? These specs are of course leaked and not confirmable yet, but the technology to do 1080p recording is already here…

The device is also thinner than the Galaxy S series according to XperiaX10. While the blog wasn’t able to get its hands on the device, their source did say that the screen is “very crisp” and has “vivid colors.” Not a lot to go on, but at least this shouldn’t have a dismal screen. The speaker on the phone has also been greatly improved over the one inside the older Xperia X10 model.

As you can see from the picture, the ANZU is currently running Android 2.1 ‘Éclair’. However, it is expected to launch early next year with Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’. Interestingly enough, from Engadget’s sources, this new phone is being tested alongside the ‘Zeus’ PlayStation Phone that Sony Ericsson is also developing. Even more interesting is that the ANZU might not even get the Xperia branding but instead get the BRAVIA name. Does this mean the ANZU will be capable of playing games like the Playstation Phone? I hope so. The two are expected to both be announced around Christmas so get ready.

What do you think? The ANZU have your attention? Sony Ericsson have a fighting chance to get back into the Android smartphone game? How will this fit into the market next to the PlayStation Phone? Let me know in the comments!

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