Sony Bringing its ‘Reader’ E-Book App to Android and iOS Next Month

Sony will be launching its e-book reading application ‘Reader’ on Android and iOS in December.  E-book purchases will go through Sony’s own Reader Store. As you might have noticed, the app is named after Sony’s own e-book reader devices. Yeah, the dedicated eBook reader market is still alive despite the literal wave of tablets hitting the market. Interestingly enough, Sony also supposedly has a PlayStation Phone in the works with Sony Ericsson and plenty of pictures of it have popped up online…coincidence?

Before I get ahead of myself, let me explain what the Reader app does. It functions like your standard e-book app. The only difference is that its Sony’s store that is behind the software instead of Apple’s or one of the other e-book competitors out there like Barns and Nobel. You have your standard features like purchasing books either on the PC or through the app itself, bookmarking and note taking. The digital book checkout from local libraries feature (which is found on Sony’s actual e-reader devices) has not been confirmed yet for the app version.

Right now Sony is pretty quiet about Reader but as the apps December launch nears, expect a lot more information. Especially because of that rumor floating around about a ‘Zeus’ codenamed PlayStation Phone being built by Sony Ericsson. Plenty of pictures of the device have leaked and we have a pretty good idea of its specs. All of the little detailers are lining up for Reader and the PlayStation Phone to launch around the same time.  Android 2.3 ‘Gingerbread’ is the expected version of Android OS to ship on the device and Google’s hints that Gingerbread is just around the corner have only grown stronger every day. The Nexus S is already showing up in pictures and video and will feature NFC (near field communication) technology which requires Gingerbread to operate.

Think Sony wants its e-book reading software to show up on mobile devices along with its smartphone? There’s talk of Sony building its own Android store and it certainly makes sense for the company to try to bring its entire media catalog to the operating system. Of course, Sony will do it Sony’s way so don’t expect it all to make sense.

Interested in Sony’s Reader app or have your e-book needs on Android and iOS already been filled by other apps? Could the PlayStation Phone’s release (or at least announcement) line up with Sony’s app? Let me know what you think.

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