Social Feeds on BlackBerry OS 6

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I promised yesterday that I would give an overview of the new social feeds features in BlackBerry OS 6. Don’t worry, I didn’t forget. Here is a solid overview of how social feeds work in OS 6, and how you can expect them to make your online social life easier. Remember, a few already released BlackBerry models like the Bold 9700 have already been given the nod for OS 6, so to get these features you may not have to upgrade to a new device.

First, let’s look at all of the different social media and instant messaging platforms that have been included in the new Social Feeds application. Facebook, Google Talk, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Twitter, MySpace (does anyone even use that anymore?), BlackBerry Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger are all integrated by default. Hopefully that should be enough options to start you off with. If not, you might need to check into a social media rehab clinic.

The new app works pretty well. You simply enter in your login details for each and your Blackberry will remember them. The social feeds feature though, is actually not one big client app for all of these. Instead, it is an app that integrates them all into an easy to read and navigate view. As you get updates (the refresh speed of which is user selectable), they all pop into a list with a short blurb so you can decide if they are something you should bother to check into. Taping on an item on the list brings you to the regular client so you can manage all your options and see the full update, message, etc.

Another great thing about the new app is that you can create your own posts from within it. That’s right, it does not just collect data from a variety of sources, it can also send data to a variety of sources. Want to let everyone you know that you’ve had a rough day? You can send out your message through Twitter, Facebook and BlackBerry Messenger status all at once. Heavy BlackBerry users are already jokingly referred to as CrackBerry addicts, but hopefully all of these new options will not send them into an information overload.

Thankfully, RSS feeds are also included but get their own section. It would be annoying to get news updates mixed in with your Facebook wall conversations. Props to RIM for making sure that they were separate.

So there you have it—an overview of BlackBerry OS 6’s new social feeds. Think what RIM delivered lives up to all of the hype? Give us your opinion and if you are interested in using the new feature.

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