Smartphones Are Fodder for Jokes and Part of Culture

Ah, the smartphone—the indispensible tool of the 21st century man or woman. It wasn’t always this way though. Remember when your cell phone just made calls? Then that ‘text messaging’ thing got big and that horrible AIM-speak made its way onto them and butchered the English language even more in the process. Email arrived then arrived and the smartphone was born.

While I sure hope that no one writes emails on their BlackBerry like I know certain people to text from them, you have to admit that smartphones have reshaped our expectations for the world around us. In fact, I will go so far as to claim that they are now an integral part of our culture. Even College Humor has weighed in on the epic BlackBerry versus iPhone debate via one of their short videos.

Sure, no one is claiming that smartphones are going to be what saves us from global warming, brings us world peace or feeds the starving. But for us living it up in relative luxury here in the States, I don’t think any of us are willing to be trading in our smartphones for anything else. In the future, I expect them to start playing an even bigger role in our daily lives. This only means one thing. Smartphones are going to become as much of our culture as the telephone, internet, cameras and computers. The funny thing? They do all of those things and more already.

Checkout the video from the guys and girls at College Humor:


Where do you stand in the battle? iPhone or BlackBerry? It’s nice to see even humor sites have an opinion (joking around or not).

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