New Competition for the Smartphone Industry

The smartphone industry has gotten more competitive with the addition of numerous new companies and smartphone models. There are currently several companies leading the pack. These include Appleā€™s iPhone, HTC Droid Incredible and the Blackberry Curve 8530. Other telecom companies have also started joining in the competition, including mobile phone giants such as Sony Ericsson, Samsung and Nokia. With the market currently growing more attached to the smartphones as compared to other mobile devices, a number of other companies are also starting to release their own smartphone models.

Android smartphones are popular with consumers who like using various applications and customizing their devices to the maximum extent possible. It is deemed the most user-friendly in terms of multimedia files and applications. It lets users take pictures like a digicam, play videos and assign ringtones for contacts. Next to iPhones, Android smartphones are some of the most popular smartphones for consumers.

One of the recent additions to the list of Android smartphones is released by Sprint. The EVO 4G looks promising to say the least. It has a 4.3 inch screen with HD video capture and HDMI playback. As a 4G device, it is capable of connecting to any mobile hotspot with the added convenience of connecting a maximum of 8 other wireless devices. This eliminated the need for a MiFi device or purchasing an iPad 3G data plan. Consumers are patiently waiting how much the unit and plan cost, as well as conditions on the data plan.

LG is also planning to release its own Android smartphone. Known as the Ally, it features a QWERTY keyboard and may be running on Android 2.1. Unlike other companies that have held a special press conference to announce its arrival, the Ally was announced in conjunction with the showing of the Iron Man 2 movie.