Skype Not Charging for 3G Use

Skype has dropped its plans to charge iPhone users a fee for use of its popular VoIP client over 3G. Combine the news with the fact that iOS 4 lets you multitask, and you have something that is sure to put a big smile on the faces of anyone who uses the program. Today Skype 2.0.1 rolled out for iOS-powered devices and yes, it is compatible with the new multitasking features Apple rolled out for its operating system.

With its new multitasking support, Skype will now let you receive VoIP calls even while other apps are running or while the phone is locked. You are even able to switch back and forth between different apps while your call is in progress. Basically, with the purchase of a virtual Skype number, a voice plan through AT&T is no longer a necessity. However, since the AT&T ended its unlimited data plans, this might not be the best option.

Since VoIP over 3G is now a reality, it looks like we will be entering the new era of mobile bandwidth consumption at full speed. Hopefully the carriers will be able to keep up with our ever increasing demands for data for our smartphones. I am still waiting to see if Apple’s FaceTime video calling will be showing up on AT&T’s 3G network anytime soon and I really hope that AT&T manages to get its network’s act together in the near future.

It would be downright foolish for AT&T and other carriers to not immediately start aggressively expanding bandwidth abilities since no one is going to be using any less data than they do now. Just wait until all of those poor souls still poking around on non-smartphones finally decide to bite the bullet and join us in our bandwidth consumption. I almost pity the carriers. Just kidding.

Let me know if you will be using Skype over 3G anytime soon and how it fits meshes with your other methods of communication.

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