Skype and Angry Birds both Get Updates on Android


What two apps on Google’s Android OS do you love the most and want to see updated? Why Angry Birds and Skype of course! Skype lets you keep in touch with friends, family and associates all over the world and Angry Birds keep you from going mad during your daily office grind. Without the two, nothing would get done. Fortunately, both have gotten some pretty significant updates.

First up is Skype which is now version 1.0.1. I’m not quite sure if it has hit the Android Market yet, but keep your eye peeled as it is expected to by the end of the day. What’s new in the improved Skype? Quite a bit:

More screen resolutions support including 320×240 and 240×400

Hardware back key support with background call receiving

General bug and crash fixes

Less power usage and improved stability

These are just a few of what’s new, so if you use Skype on Android be sure to update ASAP.

Second up is Angry Birds. The update for Android’s version brings 45 all new levels to the addictive bird slingshot game. QVGA screen resolution is also supported now. That’s 320×240 pixels in case you didn’t know. If you’re on an Android with a QVGA screen, be sure to check the game out now.

I’ve been playing with it on and off for weeks and it is always a fun way to kill time. The Angry Birds update is already in the Android Market, so go download it. Besides just the levels and QVGA screen support, the updated version also has some small, general improvements to improve compatibility across the very wide range of Android smartphones out there now.

Of course, the 45 new levels aren’t an entire Halloween edition like those iOS users got…

Happy that the Skype app finally has gotten its first update? It took long enough didn’t it? What about Angry Birds?  Love it or hate it? Let me know in the comments. That is what they are for after all.

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