Skyfire Available November 4th, Plays Flash Videos on Your iPhone

 The long awaited Skyfire app will be released on Thursday, November 4th through Apple’s iTunes Store. Skyfire lets you watch Flash movies on iOS. Enough said? The app goes live at 9AM and will be sold for $2.99. So how did Skyfire get around Apple’s ban on Adobe’s Flash Player? A little ingenuity.

Skyfire first sends a link to whatever Flash video you click on to its servers. The servers download and convert the Flash video into HTML5 video, which Apple does support. The system is kind of a backwards hack but necessary to get past Steve Jobs and his hatred for all things Adobe.

While Skyfire does allow you to play Flash video, it does not allow you to play Flash games or interactive websites that rely on Flash. Hulu is also blocking SkyfirShare|

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