A New Sidekick 4G and Vibrant 4G on their merry way to T-Mobile

Pic via PCMag

T-Mobile is in the news today with the announcement of some cool new toys. The company has gone on record at a town hall meeting prepping the launch of some new devices. Yes a town hall meeting, not really sure how that happened but supposedly it was a quiet press event from T-Mobile with both the Dutch and USA based CEO’s in attendence . During this meeting the CEO of Tmobile USA Phillip Humm stated that the company will be launching a new Vibrant 4G and confirmed the existence of a new Sidekick…its baaaack!!

At this point there is little to be known about the new SideKick other then its scrumptious 4G capabilities and the fact that it will be rocking Android 2.3, but really at this point for Sidekick lovers Im sure that’s all they need to hear. Other known specs on the new Sidekick 4G is its name (which you just read) and the fact it will continue on with its Sidekick legacy and have a swivel based screen that Kicks out to the Side and exposes a full QWERTY keypad. Most of us in the cell world pretty much put this remake in the same boat as the Microsoft Kin series. However every once and a while we would hear about ‘Project Emerald’ which was the supposed endeavor to keep the Sidekick name alive. It will surely be interesting to see what the Sidekick 4G can do in this new paradigm of high end processors, amazing screens and all around awesomeness. With the right specs and details the Sidekick can come back to the market place like it never left.

Other T-Mobile news that was brought up in this town hall meeting surrounds a new Galaxy S device from Samsung. The T-Mobile Vibrant will be getting HSPA+ capabilities and in turn giving it a 4G badge. Other than that little was discussed about the Vibrant. One would assume the standard upgrades like front facing camera, Android 2.3 and a high end 1 GHz or higher processor.

So as you can tell T-Mobile is stocking up its 4G (HSPA+) devices as they are pushing this 4G pitch just as hard as anyone elese. But because it’s essentially 3.5 G and there is no huge infastructe build, how long can we expect for T-Mobile to be making the “Our whole line of phones is 4G” remarks?

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