Shortage on AMOLED screens has some phone makers worried

chart via iSuppli

If you have you have a mobile phone chances are you look at the screen pretty consistently. When looking at the screen, do you know what went into making it? Depending on your model not a whole lot, but in the rare case that you have a newer smart phone of the day you could be looking at something so amazing that the demand cannot be kept.

iSuppli has put together some figures in regard to the amazing AMOLED screens that can found on newer smart phones of the day. There are plenty of phones on the market that use these screens, the Samsung Omni and the HTC Incredible being highly noted. But the problem that iSuppli has broken down into numbers and put into a chart, says the manufacturing process is an issue in regard to its demand. Samsung is currently the best known manufacturer of these screens, and while they are on a tangent attempting to take 10% of the smart phone industry you can assume their resources will be internally used before pumping out screens for a competitor.  With Samsung at full force on the rampage to up their sales in the phone industry, this leaves the well established companies like HTC to search high and low to find a manufacturer that can pump out these tiny AMOLED screens. Generally speaking this leaves the popular LG camp to take the weight until the two companies can literally step it up. Samsung has plans of boosting the production of these screens by 2012 where they will be dumping about 2.2 billion dollars on a new AMOLED manufacturing facility. There are few other small Taiwanese based companies that are attempting to produce these AMOLED screens, AU Optronics and TPO Display Corp, plan on pumping the screens out by the end of 2010.

The chart from iSuppli represents the difference between normal LCD screens and the newer AMOLED screen. So if these manufacturers cannot figure out how to produce the screens faster, well then we will all be seeing good old LCD screens until then.

Does your phone have an AMOLED? Tell us what you think about your AMOLED.

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