Is a glasses less 3D smart phone for you?

Sharp seems to think so. The company is known the world over for their consumer electronics and more recently introducing 3D technology that does not require those pesky and somewhat humiliating 3D glasses. Don’t ask me how this is possible, I couldn’t tell you. But if they do what they say there going to do well then maybe, just maybe the whole smart phone world would be flipped on its head….maybe.

According to a report posted by Reuters and made famous by Engadget, the Sharp company will be giving the world a 3D smart phone sans the glasses. With plans to take on Apples iPhone dominance Sharp has announced an international smartphone with a 3D panel will hit the market before the end of the year. Yes, before the end of the year! The report goes on to claim that the 3D smartphone will have 3D camera capabilities as well. YES, a 3D camera on your phone! Sharp is based out of Japan and holds the crown in that country as the largest smartphone manufacturer. This does not translate internationally however. The company has shown face in the states with the likes of some Sidekick models that do quite well and more recently sticking their noses in the Kin debacle. Even more recently we see the likes of the Sharp FX coming to light. However, none of these hold enough weight to out Apple or even compete. But what does right? Well maybe glasses less 3D screen in your pocket.

Back in April Sharp introduced its ‘small’ panel 3D technology to the world; this technology is essentially made for smaller devices like smart phones and portable media devices. Nintendo will be using this technology on their new Nintendo 3Ds. While the technology is not necessarily new to the world, it will indeed be interesting to see how this goes over on the general public.

You ready for a 3D smartphone by 2011?

What do you think about glasses less 3D smartphone?

More over how do you feel about a 3D camera on your phone?

The idea perfected makes me gitty!

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