The SGH-T699 Becomes the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q….Q Short for QWERTY

In the past years smart phones have become incredibly thin and unfortunately dropped off some of the features we look forward to, like QWERTY keyboards for example. As the smart phone slims out and grows diagonally, room for a tactical keyboard goes by the way side. A few years back for every high end slate styled device to launch there was a comparable slider with a built in keyboard to fill the niche.  As the size of our smart phones flattened, so did the selection of QWERTY’s. But with the slow death of physical buttons looms over the smart phone world, it’s good to know that sometimes, you keyboard lovers will get your chance! The Samsung T699 looks to be making its way to the likes of T-Mobile, QWERTY keyboard in tow.

Following a long list of leaks dating back to sometime in April/May TmoNews.Com has a new scoop on what is at this point assumed to be the Samsung SGH-T699 Galaxy S Blaze Q. Initially this handset carried a code name of Samsung Apex Q but, the site now has it on good authority that this new QWERTY toting smart phone will indeed go by the name Galaxy S Blaze Q, and yes it is ok, to dislike the name! A recent leak of some internal T-Mobile store layout documents show that the Samsung Galaxy S Blaze Q will be on display alongside the likes of the mysterious T-Mobile Galaxy Note, the One S and the Galaxy S II come August 15th. The device was initially discovered within an internal Tmo document that showed plans for Ice Cream Sandwich updates to particular devices. With that, a Mr. Blurrycam picture of the handset in the wild,  and a loose grasp on expect spec’s, it looks like a lot of keyboard loving Tmobile customers have a Galaxy QWERTY to look forward to. Internally the Samsung SGH-T699 Galaxy S Blaze Q is said to run with the likes of a dual core 1.5 GHz Snapdragon chipset that is backed up by the likes of 1 GB of RAM. It is also said to carry a 720p HD display, run with Android version 4.0 aka Ice Cream Sandwich and of course slide open to expose a full sized keyboard, but not only just a keyboard, a FIVE ROW QWERTY keyboard. Additional details give the Galaxy S Blaze Q a rear facing camera that rumored up a 5 mega pixel calling last month while a front facing camera is surely present, its specifications are unknown.

The Samsung Galaxy S Blaze S according to the details should be available come August 15th. Anyone interested? Are they any QWERTY lovers out there? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of this new Galaxy S Blaze Q device. Oh and remember folks, the very best in Samsung Galaxy S accessories are here.

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