Sensational HTC Sensation Accessories

Your HTC Sensation is an amazing smart phone. The Sensation is an excellent device that helped usher in all the best features we see on smart phones now. But keeping your HTC Sensation safe, charged and ready when you are can sometimes prove to be a pain. However, our huge selection of high quality, original, aftermarket and OEM HTC Sensation accessories can make keeping your smart phone in tip top order, easy as pie. We carry a wide variety of accessory options for your Sensation and here were going to take a look at some of the best options available.

Let’s face it; you’re smart phone makes its way through its day with your guiding light. When the day is over there is a good chance your Sensation is tethered to it charging cable. But with a HTC Sensation 4G Desktop Docking Station, like this charging and syncing your device has never been easier! This desktop stand option for your Sensation is perfect. It has a standard micro USB output that connects to a simple AC charging adapter for a direct charge, or can be used in conjunction with your PC for a charge and a syncing update! But if you need a bit more functionality out of your cradle, maybe this HTC Sensation 4G USB Sync and 2nd Battery Charge Cradle can do the trick. This cradle option can also handle direct charging, as well as PC syncing, however if you want to get your HTC Sensation spare battery charged, the additional port on the back of this cradle option makes it possible.

So now your easy sync and charge options are taken care of. But what about the times you and your HTC Sensation take a road trip? Are you and your smart phone prepared to take on the open road? With our selection of HTC Sensation car chargers, you should have no problem! Take this awesome HTC Sensation 3.1 AMP dual USB car charger and micro USB charging cable, for example. This perfect charger comes with two USB ports, this means your Sensation and additional devices can charge simultaneously. But because of its 3.1 AMP power rating it can dual charge your smart phone as well as most USB based tablets! So you and your Sensation are ready for the open road! But what if the road has it out for you? If you ever find yourself away from a safe AC charging port and for whatever reasons a charge from your car just won’t suffice, this HTC Sensation Monaco Mobile Phone Solar charger could, quite literally save your life. This excellent charger can be used for most all mini and micro USB based devices and uses the power of the sun to get you the charge you need.

Protection last, but surely not least. With the very best in high end HTC Sensation cases, you can rest assured your smart phone will be safe, day in and day out. This HTC Sensation Body Glove Snap-On Case is a perfect example of protection! This two piece case option is made of a highly durable polycarbonate plastic that is light weight and super protective. Its two piece design has a gloss finish up front and an amazingly tough neoprene lined backing for ultra grip and extra protection. It also comes with an optional belt clip that also doubles as a kickstand. For the more careful HTC Sensation owner, these awesome HTC Sensation 4G TPU Skin style cases can do the job. Offered in red, white and black these perfect skin style cases provide the best in shock absorbing materials as well as a thin design that adds little to no bulk to your phone.

So there you have it. The very best in HTC Sensation 4G Accessories. With these and the countless other options we carry you can rest assured your Sensation 4G will be safe and sound day in and day out!

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