One of Samsung’s WP7 leaks into the wild

So in the past few months there has been much buzz circulating Microsoft’s new Windows Mobile campaign. Windows Phone 7 is slated to release soon; with three manufacturers leading the way with the device builds. We have seen these leaked from pretty much all of the known manufacturers. LG’s WP7 was shown off to the public recently; along with an Asus WP7 device and even a few HTC units made their way into the wild, but wait were missing one. Oh yea..that’s right now.

Samsung now has a WP7 device in the wild. The device shown here comes to the internet via Pocketnow, who stumbled upon pictures of the unit from a developers Twitter page. Ahh Twitter, you bring us many good leaks. So the device is unnamed at this point and does indeed look a little bit different from the likes of other Samsung leaks in the past. The idea behind these units origins are claimed to be most likely a developer unit or test mule. There is no front facing camera on the device, which leads some to believe this could not be a retail model. Other rumors go onto assume this is the Samsung Cetus that is headed for At&t.

So let’s, let the rumors fly on this one as there is no confirmation to this mysterious device. The unit is rather square and seems to have some hard corners with its design, and WP7 is most obviously running on the unit. Personally I don’t think this device is nearly as good looking as the leaked Asus or HTC devices that we have seen in the past, but if this thing is running a AMOLED screen you can consider some sold.

What do you think it is? Is this the At&t bound Cetus? Or simply a developer phone the general public will never see?

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