Samsung’s Note III Rumored to Be offered In Three Variations

GalaxyNoteIIThe Samsung Galaxy Note III is rumored to be offered in three different extra large sizes! Early this year, not to long after the launch of the Note II, rumors and speculation of what the Note III would offer began hitting the wall! From flexible screens to finger print biometric scanners the rumor surrounding the devices has been every changing. Today a small batch of leaks suggests the Note III will be offered up in series and launch with three different variations. Additionally, some specifications surrounding the one of these Notes has surfaced to the headlines. Let’s take it all in shall we?

The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of those game changing devices that no one paying attention thought would take off. An oversized smart phone with a seemingly dated ‘stylus’ that was so large it appeared comical…until the world adapted and the large slate style design is now  available from nearly every manufacturer. The last we’ve heard from the Note III is the device would most likely launch on or around September 4th and come with a 5.99 inch full HD screen. According to a new leak out of India the Note III will come in three different sizes, starting at 5.5 inches, 5.7 inches and capping out at 6 inches. This new set of rumor comes to us by way of an Indian logistics’ company Zauba which monitors import and exports for the country. This site shows three different Samsung Mobile devices heading into the country “For R&D Purpose”. While the details of this information have yet to be confirmed, the idea of three Note devices fits perfectly with Samsung’s recent strategy. The S4 was recently announced in Mini, Active and Zoom flavors, while the Note tablets, and Galaxy Tab’s keep popping up in different variations so too will the Note III! Other details surrounding the Note III devices surfaced out of South Korea today and pin points some particulars for the Note III 5.7. The phablet is of course set to run with a full 1080p HD 5.7 inch touch screen and be built over the likes of a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor which will be paired with 3 GB of RAM and will all run Android version 4.3 out of the box. The leak also confirms its LTE capabilities.

The rumors and speculation shall commence until early September but until then let us know what you think of the Galaxy Note series devices. Anyone interested in a new Note? I know we are. Sound off below and let us know what you think! Also, don’t forget about all the best in Samsung accessories today.

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