Samsungs new WP7 device

The beauty of a new gadget is reminiscent of well… love. The first time you took a look at the likes of an iPhone, a Droid X or even the likes of the Nokia 8800,  whether you used one or not, you have to admit they look good. Of course looks are not everything; however these ascetics are the “first” impression, and in the world of companies trying to get you to buy their goods, looks matter. It looks like Samsung may have understood this with one of their new WP7 devices for Microsoft.  

What you see pictured here is a new Samsung device that is running Microsoft’s new venture Windows Phone 7. Gizmodo has gotten there sneaky hands on some pics of the new Samsung model and it surely looks sexy, of course until you flip it over. The model of the device is the Samsung GT-i8700, it is running Windows Phone 7 as its OS, carries 8GB of internal memory and looks to be around 3.5 to 4 inches of touch screen goodness. When flipping the new GT-i8700 (can’t wait for the pitch name) over we notice a led flash as well as a camera unfortunately however, my large eyes somewhat shrink and lose a bit of interest, as the back side of the unit is surely made of a cheaper plastic. Now I’m not one to hate on plastic (?) but when looking at the front side of this unit I surely was expecting a “polished” metal or something reminiscent to the HD2.

It is been known that Microsoft’s WP7  team has some guidelines in regard to the hardware builds for their new OS, mainly the three button soft keys on the bottom of the device. This will be found on all WP7 units. Couple this new Samsung model with the recent leaks of the WP7 HTC devices and Microsoft may surely have set of hot cakes to sell.

Just why so cheap on the back side Sammy?  Tell us….do you have an opinion on the new  Samsung GT-i8700?

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