Samsungs Galaxy Tab Spotted in the Wild

The war to tablet supremacy has one victor at this point. However, manufacturers are seemingly coming out of the wood works with tablets of their own to out Apple at the head of the pack. Pretty much all of the major OEM’s have hinted or downright stated that a tablet would be in their future and Samsung is no exception.  

Samsungs Galaxy Tablet has shown its face in the past; however video of the unit in action has yet to be seen. Today however, the Samsung Galaxy Tab makes an appearance via the folks over at Electronista. In a seemingly very sneaky video, it looks like a lucky guy got on the wrong train! In an over the shoulder creepy stalker-ish video the Samsung Galaxy Tab is spotted in action. Now there’s not much to report on here as the details of the tablet could not be “talked about” at the time however it is almost solidifying the fact that the Samsung Galaxy Tab is indeed on the way. What was confirmed from the video was that unit is indeed 7 inch’s, it runs Android’s OS and according to the lucky user it is indeed “very different” from the iPad.  Oh and I almost forgot, when asked “Is it any good” the reply “It’s awesome”.  Unfortunately when asked about some particulars the lucky user reminded us and the video maker that “I can’t talk about that”. So the exact details are still unknown. However this is pure evidence that the Galaxy Tab is clearly on its way to the general masses.

What is already known of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, is it will be running Android 2.2, run a 1.0 GHz, Bluetooth enabled, swype, JavaScript 1.5, SyncML support, Wi-Fi, GPS, Flash, CPU, CPU Core S5PC110, CPU Profile ARM11, Front cam Max resolution 240 x 320, Camcorder Max resolution 2048 x 1536 (unconfirmed), Camera Max resolution 2048 x 1536, Screen resolution 480 x 800

The Samsung Galaxy Tab is looking nicer and nicer as the info comes out, check out the video here;

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