Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Makes A Stop at the FCC



Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro shows up at the FCC. If you think the world is full of tablets and smart phones now, you just wait! Samsung has been producing their Galaxy line up of phones and tablets for quite some time now. The company’s selection is offered up in many different sizes and flavors and today some good old fashioned government regulation has officially exposed one of the new tablets that will make up the company’s future offerings. From 10 inch tablets to 7 inch tablets Samsung fills the void and today details surrounding their Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 has surfaced into the headlines.

While Samsung gears up to launch a slew of new tablets this year it really is no surprise  that one of the unannounced devices has found its way into the halls of the FCC. Luckily for anyone interested the details of the FCC testing is a matter of public record and because of this were getting a glimpse into what the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 has to offer. Otherwise known as the SM-T320 the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 is currently busy gaining approval for sale and distribution here stateside. Because of this formality we get a sneak peek at the GTab Pro. Unfortunately the peek really does not show off any of the juicy details but does confirm the devices existence and gives us a better idea of what to expect. According to the devices information the new tablet will support both Bluetooth and Wi-fi and will be approximately 219mm tall, 128 mm wide and 240mm from corner to corner. Additionally details from simply perusing the FCC documents show the tablet will have what looks to be an LED flash mounted just below a rear facing camera. Unfortunately the buck stops right about their with these FCC documents, however PhoneArena plugged the SM-T320 model number into India’s import data base and have confirmed the model to be sporting an 8.4 inch display. While the verdict on this new tablet is still out, we should expect an official announcement on this and few other Galaxy Tab’s soon at CES or MWC.

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