Samsungs Galaxy Tab gets a little more Exposure


It seems like only yesterday some leaked pictures of the new Samsung Galaxy Tablet hit the interwerbs – oh wait, that was yesterday – however, where would we be if it happened again and no one knew. Well the answer is simple..still waiting. But if you simply cannot wait any longer, well too bad.. but you can take a look at this video of the Samsung Galaxy Tab in action.

A Korean based website seemingly cannot wait any longer either. Only difference is it looks like someone over yonder has actually gotten their hands on one of the highly anticipated Galaxy Tabs. In the video below, you will hear some very excellent music to groove too when your checking out the Galaxy Tab in action (yes that’s my favorite part of the video). Other than the awesomeness of the jams playing in the back ground you can get ready for some size comparisons of the Galaxy Tab in releation to Apples iPad as well as a comparison to Samsungs own Galaxy S mobile phone. Also be prepared to take a look at the Galaxy Tabs user interface and general experience. The Galaxy Tab in the video is running Androids 2.2 build aka Froyo, WCDMA 3G, Wi-Fi, a 16:10 ratio, a front facing camera that is reported “dedicated to video calling”, SDHC external memory capabilities and even a DMB TV tuner.

So check out the video, and be warned, you may break out into some extreme break dancing at some point. But once you compose yourself post a comment and let us know what you think.

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