New Rumors Give Samsung’s Galaxy S5 an Iris Scanner and a 20 Mega Pixel Camera!

samsung_galaxy_sSamsung Galaxy S5 rumors start to heat up once again. Samsung’s next generation flagship is usually in high demand. Whether it be the next iteration of the Note series device, the Tab series or the smart phone extraordinaire Galaxy S, what’s up Samsung’s sleeve is that of interest to anyone following along in the tech world. Rumors surrounding the Galaxy S5 have been cropping up for quite some time now and it looks as if a bit more detail about the handset has just merged into the headlines. New information about the S5’s battery, pixel resolution, iris scanner and UX have are here.

Samsung if you couldn’t tell fancy themselves as both a hardware and software manufacturer. With the value Samsung_GS5_UIadded TouchWiz UI end users are left some rather helpful features not normally found on other devices. The companies TouchWiz however looks to be slated for an update. CES this year brought a new Magazine UI to Samsung’s tablets and the pictures you see are an attempt to view that UI on the Galaxy S5’s touch screen. The UI is rather familiar to that of HTC’s Blinkfeed and apps such as Flipboard however it looks nice! All with a grain of salt however as it is quite possible the UI will look very different come launch time. More rumors surrounding the Galaxy S5’s hardware are in the news this morning as well. According to an anonymous tipster, Phonearena claim the S5’s screen with indeed use a QHD panel and will sport a 1440×2560 pixel resolution. Additionally the information states Samsung will be using their ISOCELL camera technologies and GS5 will come with a 20 mega pixel camera. Lastly the new information suggests the S5 will come with a “state of the art” iris sensor alongside a slew of other health related apps and accessories. All of this is a 2900 mAh battery! Unfortunately this new cup of rumors also suggests the S5 will not be made of metal but will have a plastic build similar to that of the Note 3.

Anyone still interested in the Samsung Galaxy S5? Awesome resolution, a 20 mega pixel camera and an Iris scanner!? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think and remember all the very best in Samsung Accessories are here.

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