Samsungs Galaxy S line a sure thing in South Korea

If you have been keeping tabs on the amazing wave of new phones out of Samsung recently then you should be aware that Samsung is making grounds just as they expected. Samsungs flight into concurring ten percent of the smart phone market seems to be at full swing with a report out of South Korea.

A mere 19 days after the South Korean launch of the Samsung Galaxy S, numbers on units sold are quite staggering.  YONHAP a news agency out of Seoul South Korea is stating that in just 19 days the famed Samsung Galaxy S line has sold 300,000 units on the South Korean carrier SK Telecom. SK Telecom released the Galaxy S on June 24th. Samsung has not commented on the actual figures of units sold. But keep in mind that the Galaxy S has also been released in Europe as well as Asia. Samsung Mobiles president recently stated that his company expects to sell ten million Galaxy S units, and with numbers like this coming out of South Korea it is safe to say Samsung will do just that.

The Galaxy S line has also shown its face in the American market as well, showing off four models for each of the largest carriers in the country. The Galaxy S Vibrant is the T-Mobile version of the device and is scheduled for official release on the 15th of this month. A mere three days later At&t’s version of the Galaxy S line the Captivate will be releasing into the great American wild. Verizon’s Fascinate and Sprints Epic 4G versions of the Galaxy S line will most likely be released within the next month or two. All of the models for the American market sport similar statistics, giving users a 1GHZ Hummingbird processor, a 4 inch screen and enough speed to make your home computer blush.

With dominance on the mind, and super AMOLEDs and the little green Android in their corner it looks that Samsung will indeed be acquiring the ten percent of the market they were looking for.

So more power to you Samsung, and amazing numbers in South Korea!

Tell us what you think of the anticipated Samsung Galaxy Line that will be releasing here in the sates soon.

A game changer?

Or just another set of smart phones that will eventually be forgotten?

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