Samsungs Galaxy S will see Froyo late October

 Samsung has recently dumped a slew of pretty decent devices onto the world. The Galax S line spawned the international Galaxy S and its four American brothers from another mother,  the Epic, Fascinate, Vibrant and Captivate. These devices all shipped with Android 2.1 and it looks like some information in regard to 2.2 and the Galaxy S has been published, but is this a good thing for the American based Galaxy users?

Samsung Mobile España has posted some information about the Galaxy S on their FaceBook fan page. The information essentially states that the Galaxy S will be seeing its Froyo or 2.2 update sometime in late October. This is great news for the millions of Galaxy S toting users, but what about the US customers, when will Froyo hit the likes of the Epic, Fascinate, Vibrant and Captivate? Well it’s hard to say. Samsung has touched on the issue in the past basically saying the updates to the device’s would be rolled out around the same time. However, the post out of Spain indicates that a delay in this update has occurred, as  a while back a post on Twitter from Samsungs UK division stated that a roll out of Froyo to all carriers should be late September. And were still waiting.

So late October it is. Unfortunately, however, looking at this from a distance and seeing the trends of Froyo updates, it is almost a sure thing that Froyo will indeed hit the Galaxy S line first and then slowly make its way to the branded versions of the Galaxy S line.

Let us know what you would like to see in the Froyo package for your Galaxy, other than the standards that come with Froyo what would you like to see updated with the OS? And how much longer can you Galaxy users wait?

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