Samsung’s Galaxy Note 3 Lite Ready for its Debut At MWC?

Note_IIIA Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Lite to be introduced at this year’s MWC? It is that time of year folks! The time of year when all of the gadgets go on sale and rumors, wishful thoughts and even some solid leaks begin piecing together what is to be offered in this coming year 2014. The Samsung Galaxy Note is no exception to these rumors and leaks however! The Galaxy Note 3 is currently holding strong as one of the best phablet devices on the market! Samsung over the weekend has revealed two new colors of the device including, a rose gold variation as well as a red version. But in the tradition of the New Year and draining everything they can out of an awesome handset like the Note 3, it seems as if they may be introducing a new version of the Note 3!

A new leak from SamMobile.Com is suggesting Samsung may be introducing a new Galaxy Note 3 variation before the launch of the Note 4. The Galaxy Note 4 is slated to be launched in or around the second half of the coming year, but not before the Galaxy Note 3 Lite aka the SM-N7505 gets its debut! According to the new information the company will be launching a Galaxy Note 3 LIte at MWC 2014. The yearly conference surrounds itself in all things mobile and will take place between the 24th and 27th of February. The details state Samsung is currently testing two variation of the Note 3 Lite. One sports a 5.49 inch LCD display while the other uses a 5.7 inch LCD. The use of LCD touch screens is significant as the current Note generations use more expensive Super AMOLED panels. The newly discovered details suggest the Note 3 Lite will pack in an 8 mega pixel camera and come with a standard plastic backing that will replace the faux leather found on the standard Note 3. Additionally the rumor goes on to suggest the Note 3 Lite will initially be offered up in black and white color variations. Unfortunately, the buck stops about there, as no further information is available. Keep in mind however this is not the first time a Note 3 variation has made it into the news. So keep an eye out for a rather affordable Note 3 launching sometime in the coming months.

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