Samsungs Fascinate goes Buy One Get One from day one

From time to time we hear about amazing deals turned out by the likes of large companies. Amazon is usually selling devices that are considerably cheaper than the carriers that actually carry them and T-Mobile from time to time will offer up “free” high end devices with certain holiday or “special” promotions. Then there is Verizon’s almost notoriously famous BOGO deal, or buy one get one if you didn’t catch that. I remember when the highly anticipated Blackberry Storm was buy one get one free and the world gasped.

Well folks today Verizon is turning heads again in hopes to draw some attention to the loveliness of the Samsung Fascinate. Just in case you didn’t know the Samsung Galaxy S Fascinate slated for Verizon goes on pre-order today. The beautiful and amazing Fascinate is the last of four Galaxy S phones Samsung has dumped on the US, it has been called an iPhone clone and things of the such, however, the Fascinate will indeed stand on its own with this new deal. However the Fascinate is seemingly getting some slight back lash from the people in the know, as the device is an Android based unit and comes with Bing pre-installed. Now I’m all good with some healthy competition and everything, but you shouldn’t have to down load Google apps that usually come pre installed on other Androids. Seems kind of odd to me, what about you?

Love it or hate it folks the Verizon Fascinate via Samsung is upon us. The Fascinate is priced at 200 bucks with a new two year contract. The “Buy One Get one Deal” is in full effect, or you could simply “Buy One, Get up to 4 free”. So grab a friend or two or three and go get some Big Red in your life via the Fascinate.

Looking to pick up a Fascinate? Let us know what you think of the “free-ninety-nine” deal from Verizon.

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