Samsungs Fascinate up for pre orders with Best Buy


The Samsung Fascinate is the last device in the Galaxy line up that has yet to receive any official news. The Fascinate that has been slated for a Verizon launch since its inception has no real news or official release dates attached to it.

We have seen the Vibrant make its way to T-Mobile, the Captivate has launched under At&t’s moniker, and the Epic 4G albeit no released has a time frame of the last day August. So this leaving only the Verizon Fascinate to make its official debut.

Yesterday some news leaked out of Phandroid.Com basically stating that the Fascinate has made its way into the internal inventory of Verizon. Good news, this essentially giving light to the fact that the Fascinate is clearly on its way to the public.

Today however, Best Buy announced that they have started taking pre-orders on the new device. This being kind of odd as no official release date has been announced. Best Buys pre-ordering set up is currently available to its Best Buy’s Reward Zone members and will become available to the general public on Sunday August 29th. This being only two days away the rumored September 9th release date is looking to be a bit more reasonable. But don’t waste your time calling around as Verizon or even Best Buy has commented on the actual ship date.

While mum’s still the word, the Fascinate will most likely be around 200 bucks with a new two year contract and should indeed see a early September release date all things considered. I would say, early meaning like the first week in the coming month.

The Samsung Fascinate share similarities with T-Mobiles version of the Galaxy line, essentially a Android iPhone 3gs (if you ask me). So if you’re interested go get your pre-order on, but keep in mind that the Captivate as well as the Vibrant went on sale shortly after release dates for less than half via Amazon and shortly after that went on sale for a measly penny! So don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Plan on picking up a Fascinate from Verizon? Interested in this pre-order? Sound off and let us know.

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