Samsungs Admire on its way to market


When this whole smart phone thing started to become an uncontrollable trend, many smart wizards, analysts and industry insiders made assumptions that the smart phone would eventually be everywhere. The smart phone would replace, feature phones and completely eradicate the ‘dumb phone’ as we know it. These logical predictions could have been assumed just off of the mere nature of us humanoids, but then Android came in and changed all of that. This operating system has leaded the way in the development in newer super smart dumb or feature phones.  But what is this rant all mean to you? Well a new Samsung device has been spotted in the wild and is adding to the stack of mid ranged smart feature phones that have been popping up all over the place.

The new Samsung Admire was first exposed on the legendary Howard Forums and is making the rounds as the new Android headed to Metro PCS. The new Admire was actually ousted about a year ago as just the SCH-R720. While the model number stays the same it also gets the Admire marketing tag with this latest leak. The specs are not necessarily drool-able, but help usher in that smart dumb phone era I was referring to at the opening. The new Admire SCH-R720 will run Android version 2.3 and will be headed to Metro PCS. While the jury is still out on its 4G or LTE capabilities it seems that it will be MIA according to these leaky snapshots, but anything can change from now to its launch right…right. Internally the new Samsung Admire is running an 800MHz processor and sports a 3.2 mega pixel shooter. Unfortunately as far as tech specs are concerned that is about as far as the leak will take us. Of course Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and GPS are expected. The rumor continues to provide us with an August or September release date and a price of $150 is floating around the speculation. I for one believe this device to potentially be much cheaper than that and if it’s not it will most likely end up in that free ninety nine sections where most feature phones end up.

So is the new Samsung Admire a device you would be interested in? Let us know what you think of the new Admire. Will it be your new device?

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