Samsung Vibrant goes on sale for $99 bucks, get it while it lasts

The Samsung Galaxy S line has stormed its way into the hearts and minds of users everywhere. With four different models of Galaxy S line hitting the four major carriers in the US its only a matter of time before you see Galaxy’s everywhere. Looks like T-Mobile might be pushing for the Galaxy take over with this new promotion.

The T-Mobile version of the Galaxy S line is the Samsung Vibrant. The Vibrant comes chalk full of goodies that would make any phone geek smile. Upon its initial launch the Samsung Vibrant was listed at $200 bucks with a new contract. Well today and today only you can pick up one of these amazing devices for $99 dollars, assuming you sign your life away for the next two years. So if you were on the fence about picking up one of these Vibrant’s, I’m sure this one day sale may make that fence a little smaller. So for today and today only, you can get your grubby hands on a Vibrant for half off. Keep in mind this is an online promotion only and the sale price cannot be found in stores. The Vibrant which is commonly referred to the Samsung- 3GS is an amazing phone and with this price break makes it the cheapest Galaxy S phone to hit the market. So just in case you need further greatness to solidify this deal, the Vibrant runs a 1GHz Hummingbird processor, a super AMOLED touch screen that weighs in at 4 inchs, runs Android 2.1 with rumors of Froyo coming soon. Also the Vibrant comes with a full version of the blockbuster hit Avatar and even a full version of a SIM’s game.

 If those last two perks did not seal the deal then maybe the Vibrant is not for you after all!!

Interested in picking up a Vibrant? Or are you simply waiting on the G2?

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