Samsung Transform Ultra makes its way to the Now Network

So in the past few weeks we have seen the likes of some pretty high powered smart phones hit the rumor mill and or are made official. These high end super powerful devices however are not for everyone. Sometimes we need a simple and the point powerful smart phone that can keep us connected without all the bells and whistles. Well, the Transform Ultra is here to handle just that sector. The Transform Ultra was recently launched within the confines of Boost mobiles network and now Sprint is looking to add it to their holiday lineup.

The Samsung Transform Ultra went live for Boost customer’s earlier this year, that same device is making its way to the 3rd largest carrier in the states. But what can you expect? Well you can expect a solid handset that can easily get the job done. The new Transform Ultra is very reminiscent of the Epic 4G device and is a bit smaller and lighter in the specs department. It’s built on a 3.5 inch HVGA quality touch screen display that horizontally slides open to expose a full QWERTY keyboard. Under that ultra usable keypad and super clear screen sits a ready when you are 1 GHz Qualcomm MSM8655 that is backed by 512MB of RAM 2GB of ROM and runs the power of Android 2.3. While it does not sport Wimax 4G technology you can surely expect the super fast speeds of Sprint’s legendary 3G connectivity. The rear side of the Transform Ultra sports a 3 mega pixel camera while its front facing shooter clocks in at .3 mega pixels. The Transform Ultra also sports expandable microSD memory that is capable of handling up to 32GB. It also sports an intuitive MP3 player and A2DP stereo Bluetooth connectivity, which makes jamming out to your favorite, tunes a seamless experience with your phone. The Samsung Transform Ultra also comes equipped with Sprint ID. Think predefined Android skins depending on the day or week you may have. This new Transform Ultra is of course also equipped with expandable Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity. All together this is a solid new phone. Pricing and availability have yet to be confirmed on this new QWERTY slider, but if I was a betting man I would put it around the 150 or cheaper mark on a new contract. Guess only time will tell on that.

What do you think of the newly announced Samsung Transform Ultra? Is it a scaled down Droid Charge with a QWERTY? Or just a cheap mans version of the Epic 4G? Sound off in the comments below and let us know, but before you go check out our endless selection of Samsung accessories here.

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