Is the Samsung SM-G750 is the first of many Galaxy S5 Variants?

samsung-sm-g750a-user_agent_profileA Samsung SM-G750 proves the S5 variants are on the way! Samsung has taken a fondness to variations of their flagship devices for a while now and the last few handsets have seen a few more options spring from the original design. We’ve seen Mini’s, Zoom’s, Actives and even a rather awesome Google Edition device from Samsung in the past; however a new variant known as Neo has been added to the growing list. Today details surrounding a Samsung made SM-G750 have appeared in the wild and are expected to be either a Galaxy S5 Mini or a Galaxy S5 Neo.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 as it was released is also known as the SM-G900 as this new model number is numerically smaller; it is expected to be a lesser version than that of the flagship device. Leaky details surrounding the device were discovered when someone found the handsets ‘user agent profile’ on Samsung’s website. The device spotted is listed as the SM-G750A which given it’s A branding is expected to be headed to the likes of At&t however the G750 generally speaking could be custom suited for any carrier and will likely be in the form of the S5 Mini or S5 Neo given its slightly lower spec sheet. The details discovered give this new handset a 1280×720 resolution screen however makes no mention of its size. The size of the screen will help determine if this will be a Neo or Mini however it is said to also be running with a 2.3 GHz processor which at this point could be only one of two processors from Qualcomm, either a Snapdragon 800 or an 801. Additionally these details state the G750 is running Android version 4.3 aka Jelly Bean, but is expected to get a bump to 4.4 by time it’s released. Only time will tell what the G750 turns out to be however with a processor like that and a low resolution screen it may just be the high powered low cost device you’ve been looking for.

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