The Samsung SCH-i425 Godiva Shows Off a Bit before Launch


As the world spins, a new moon passes and new leaky mobile hardware rises to the top gadget world news! Samsung is once again atop of these leaky rumors with a new handset that will more than likely perpetuate the companies rolling ball in the mid-range smart phone world. Samsung makes high end flagships like the Note series, the Galaxy S’s and Galaxy Tab devices but it’s the mid range and the lower end handsets that keep the company at the top of the profitability chain. While the financial success of Samsung has no real bearing on our lives, it’s good to know that Samsung is improving the mid and low range in cycles and with that raising the bar. A new mid range phone from the company has been brought into the light, and goes by the code name, Godiva.

It seemed like only yesterday when details of the SCH-i425 Godiva started to make their way to the front page of the interwebs. exposed a bit of the devices capabilities, and also revealed a bit about the handset internally. Fast forward a day later and the world is now graced with blurry cam pictures of the smart phone. Its model number as the i425 has left many to consider it to be the successor to the Stratosphere moniker as its last variation was the i415. If this is to be true, it looks as if the Stratosphere may be dropping some extra weight by shedding the slide out QWERTY keyboard. The newly leaked pictures add a bit of detail to the phone. Its pictured running the latest in Android version 4.1.2 supports NFC and comes with a HD 720p touch screen. Original details from the benchmarks point out the screens resolution and further suggest that the Godiva will run with a 1.4 GHz MSM8960 Snapdragon S4 chip set that will work alongside an Adreno 305 GPU. Additional details give the new i425 a home on Verizon’s frequency bands and allow for 4G LTE connectivity. Whether it will indeed be the next big Stratosphere is yet to be confirmed, but one thing is certain, the handset in this picture does not sport a keyboard, nor does it look very different from Samsung recent offerings!

Anyone interested? Sound off in the comments below and let us know what you think of the new SCH-i425 Godiva. Also, remember that a gaggle of great Samsung accessories are here.

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